Piero Pizzi Cannella - Galleria d'arte - Galleria dello scudo

Piero Pizzi Cannella

    Piero Pizzi Cannella was born in 1955.
    The evolution of Piero Pizzi Cannella’s painting, from the earliest works shown at the Tartaruga gallery in 1980 and at the Attico in 1984 until the series recently shown at MART in Rovereto, is always marked by both the tortured relationship between the material and the creative gesture, as well as by its incessant elaboration, its repetition and building up of symbols. These seem to arrive from far off, from classical culture, but are filtered until they become part of a secret interior world.
    It is in this context that we can see the painter’s obsession, something that gives life to both an intimate narrative and to collective memory.
    Doppia coppia is the title of this show held at the Galleria dello Scudo in 2003-2004, which presented various couple of painting in which appears, accomplices each other, the symbols of the particular Pizzi Cannella’s language: the cinese shadows, the pearls, the dry flowers, the empty dresses, the corals. There is one possibility that Pizzi Cannella does not wish to deny himself, and this we find in his reiteration, even on the painting’s surface, of a mark that seems to be forever on hold and that generates nothing other than the image’s double, its complementary.
    The richness of his figurative repertoire, documented by important exposition such us Le mappe del modo at the Teatro India, Rome in 2004, Cattedrali at the MACRO, Rome in winter 2006-2007 or the great painting representing monumental chandeliers in an impressive play of lights now in show at the MART in Rovereto, confirms his extraordinary creativity.